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The UPROAR Fund (TUF), formerly Wildlife Media, is committed to funding impact-driven short media content to engage, educate, and empower audiences, and advancing the conservation capacity of individuals and organizations working to achieve measurable impact on the world’s most inspiring conservation issues. TUF believes in supporting conservation goals that are accessible, measurable, and meaningful. We invest in the protection of wildlife and ecosystems through direct support to researchers, conservationists, and wildlife professionals.

TUF is the nonprofit partner of UPROAR Global Media. 

UPROAR is a conservation focused media company producing dynamic short video content for social media platforms. These inspiring, optimistic videos lead viewers to an interactive online conservation marketplace where they can learn more, dig deeper, and get involved. 10% of UPROAR's adjusted gross revenue comes to The UPROAR Fund to be invested directly back into meaningful conservation programs around the world. 

The UPROAR Fund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, #20-8802794.



TUF leverages support from individuals, corporations, and foundations to invest in innovative solutions that accelerate measurable conservation action. Our partners represent the most creative and committed conservation professionals in their fields. With investment from TUF, they are empowered to address technical and institutional challenges that have prevented them from reaching their full potential, and to focus on the work that really matters – keeping the world wild.



We monitor and report on the measurable impact of the programs we support.


We invest in conservation built upon good science and evidence-based strategies.


We support projects that are timely, accessible, and engage local communities.


We look for smart initiatives with the capacity to reach goals and the strategy to surpass them.


“The most dangerous worldview is one that has not viewed the world”

Alexander von Humboldt  |  Naturalist & Explorer (1769-1859)



The UPROAR Fund was formerly known as Wildlife Media, a nonprofit co-founded in 2007 by filmmaker and ecologist Chris Morgan. Chris believes that good stories can do more than evoke wonder, inspiration, and emotion. They can be the catalyst for a movement. A movement in which conservation of the natural world is a social norm, and meaningful action is as accessible to our fingertips as a social media post.

Wildlife Media raised more than $2 million dollars in ten years to produce BEARTREK, a feature length documentary film exploring four keystone bear species around the world. Over $200,000 of the funds raised went directly to conservation through grants to scientists working to protect imperiled species. We now aim to scale up that success, creating new opportunities for storytelling to inspire conservation. That's why TUF works closely with UPROAR Global Media and its Conservation Marketplace to leverage irresistibly optimistic short videos - shared on social platforms where they can reach an audience of millions - to continue to inspire support for conservation around the world.   


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