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In partnership with UPROAR, The UPROAR Fund produces, co-produces and develops original videos telling exclusive stories with partners and donors. UPROAR Originals are funded and sometimes co-produced by third parties. Funders and co-producers include corporations/brands, philanthropist donors and non-profit organizations. UPROAR commissioned projects leverage our capabilities, expertise and low cost of production and are aligned with our core mission.  Clients/partners include commercial networks and subscription services, corporations, not-for-profits, and government agencies.

florida panther

Join UPROAR on our first commissioned project highlighting the incredible Florida panther. What does it mean to live in Florida’s big cat country? And what does the future look like for the Florida Panther. It’s not always straightforward. Ecologist Chris Morgan heads to Florida to find out more.

This project was commissioned by the Naples Zoo and US National Park Service in 2018.



The UPROAR Fund, formally Wildlife Media, raised more than $2 million dollars in ten years to produce BEARTREK, a feature length documentary film exploring four keystone bear species around the world. Over $200,000 of the funds raised went directly to conservation through grants to scientists working to protect imperiled species.


OCEAN SOULS - in development

Whales and dolphins are the most intelligent animals after us; they evolved from land animals some 50 million years ago. We believe that science and beauty can touch public opinion. Rather than using shocking images and create controversy, we will use science, fun and beauty with the hope of triggering change. The main goal is to show the intelligence, social behaviour and strong feelings of the animals, supported by science and complemented by beauty. UPROAR will produce a 5 episodes of 5 minutes each (and 3x40’s trailers), finally converting in into a 25 minutes documentary targeting international audiences but shaping it in such a way it can reach & hopefully touch all ages.

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